Pore Cleaner-Facial Treatment with Multi-Functional Replaceable 5 Probes

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Pore cleaner with super powerful  vacuum suction can directly achieve deep cleaning and effectively remove blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, grease and solve your skin problems once and for all . It also can be used to massage skin, increase blood circulation and skin elasticity, lessen wrinkle, shrink pores, and smooth fine lines. Your skin will look exfoliated and rejuvenated after several uses.


  • STRONG POWER : latest blackhead vacuum suction remover does well with any blackheads. Choose mode you need to get rid of the most stubborn blackheads.
  • VISIBLE RESULT: after several uses you’ll already get compliments on your skin. Our pore cleanser makes it look rejuvenated. It fights blackheads, tightens up loose skin & improves blood circulation.
  • 5 PROBES: Our Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover provide 5 probes for customers, Big Round Probe cleans dirt on cheeks & forehead; Small Round Probe removes blackhead around nose; Oval Probe lifts the whole face; Deep Cleaning Probe exfoliates dead skin cells.
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Say goodbye to stubborn blackheads forever !!

Our premium blackhead removal tool will help you remove the annoying blackheads on your nose better and deeper.

Pore Cleaner

Pore Cleaner

Pore CleanerPore CleanerPore CleanerPore Cleaner



Exfoliate your Dead Skin ONCE AND FOR ALL

Strong suction power and suitable for all skin types

This blackhead remover is supplied with 5 different suction heads. The adjustable suction strength makes it suitable for different skin areas. You can set the desired level The nasal extractor with blackhead remover uses intelligent vacuum suction technology, which is a physical cleaning method that is not only safe, but also effectively removes blackheads / whitehead / comedones with strong suction, helps reduce wrinkles and firms the skin which make it professional and most efficient pore vacuum cleaner.

Comes with 5 Probes

Our Pore Cleaner Vacuum Blackhead Remover provide 5 probes for customers: Big Round Probe cleans dirt on cheeks & forehead; Small Round Probe removes blackhead around nose; Oval Probe lifts the whole face; Deep Cleaning Probe exfoliates dead skin cells.

Safe & Effective Pore Cleaner

The electric pore cleaner uses the innovative physics vacuum technology, which effectively removes blackheads, especially for stubborn blackheads with strong suction, does not damage your skin like the masks or metal vacuum cleaners do.

Ergonomic Design

blackheads remover is lightweight and compact, so you can take it with you when traveling.


This blackhead vacuum remover has a rechargeable USB lithium battery. You can charge your pore cleaner anytime, anywhere with a USB cable without having to worry about changing the battery. Small and portable, you can put it in your pocket and take your family on a safe trip.

Pore CleanerPore Cleaner


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Pore Cleaner

Step One

Clean your face with a cleanser to remove dust and grease from your face, open your pores with a facial steamer or hot towel, and keep your skin moisturized.

Step Two

Start from a lower strength level on your hands, then use on the face.

Step Three

Press the power button, choose the appropriate probe. We recommend start with 1 level, test the suction on your hands first, then on the face. Repeat as many times as needed until the worst blackheads are eliminated.

Step Four

Apply moisturizer, mask or use the cold mist steamer to help your skin calm down and shrink your pores when you finish the removal process.

Step Five

Always disinfect the device after each use. Rinse the nozzle with soap and hot water after each use.
When the suction starts to pull your skin, you should feel a slight sagging. Fixed suction will relax and remove dirt and grease that clog pores.


  • We recommend using it no more than 5 minutes each time, twice a week. Please move the device in the same direction and keep it for no more than 3 seconds the same place and you should always begin by using the product with the lowest intensity of suction and don’t start with a high intensity, as it can lead to bruises and redness.
  • It is completely normal to have light bruising for the first 2 days of use. Your skin will get back to normal later on. It is normal for any effective system to cause some form of discomfort before you can see results. Please don’t get discouraged by the light bruises.

Pore Cleaner